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Equipment for dog sports and pet dogs/cats

Manmat extension leash

This leash can be easily adjustable in short or long size with its 3 buckles. Useful when for exemple you take your dog to the restaurant...

CHF 16.00

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Manmat Harness Hound

Designed for difficult to fit, wide and deep chested dogs, especially purebred pointers and pointer crosses. Specially constructed...

CHF 40.00

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Manmat harness long distance

The harness only reaches about half way down the dog's body, which eliminates the pressure on the dog's hips. Closed cell padding...

CHF 30.00

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Manmat dog treat bag

This small bag is really usefull for carrying your dog's treat, or even his picnic when hiking. Can be attached on a belt.

CHF 15.00

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Zero DC Faster Harness

This harness is suited for short haired breed and also for nordics. Also suitable for wide and deep chested dogs as Greysters, Hounds,...

CHF 45.00

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Zero DC Short Faster Harness

This harness is the short version of the classic Faster. It is suitable for sports with a high point of traction as canicross, bike-jörring,...

CHF 42.00

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Zero DC Blizard Collar

This semi-choke collar contains a reflective strip along its entire length, thus allowing the dog to be visible by light over a...

CHF 21.00

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Zero DC Blizard Collar with clip buckle

This collar is similar to the standard blizard one, but isn't semi-choke and has a clip buckle to put on and off easily the collar....

CHF 30.00

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Zero DC tubular line for 1 and 2 dogs / for big and little dogs

Line in tubular webbing, 25mm with bungee(shock absorbers). Snap of 80mm for dogs over than 10kg and 60mm for dogs less than 10kg....

CHF 35.00

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