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Equipment for dog sports

Bike and Scooter extension

Extension for bike-jöring and dog scootering. This extension prevent the line going in the front wheel. Color in stock : black....

Fast'n light 1000 - dog booties

The Fast'n Light 1000 dog booties is ideal for every dog sport where the ground is agressiv like : soil, icy snow, rocky trail,...

Inlandsis Polar Quest Harness

X-back harness designed to adapt to the body shape of nordic and Shepherd/sheepdog breed. Light, flexible and ergonomic, this...

Manmat Bungee

The Bungee is designed to be extremely durable, and is covered with a protective sheath. It is designed to reduce and absorb shocks...

Manmat dog T-shirt

This dog t-shirt was designed to fit underneath the harness to reduce or eliminate harness rub. It is made from an elestic polyester...

Manmat Harness Hound

Designed for difficult to fit, wide and deep chested dogs, especially purebred pointers and pointer crosses. Specially constructed...

Manmat harness long distance

The harness only reaches about half way down the dog's body, which eliminates the pressure on the dog's hips. Closed cell padding...

Manmat harness Siberian Race

This harness is manufactured by Manmat and is the hound harness style. Jana Henychova has been helping to develop this style of...

Neckline leader

16 strand hollow braided PE rope 6mm with reflective strand, UV resistant. Length : 30cm.

Neckline wheel/team

16 strand hollow braided PE rope 6mm with reflective strand, UV resistant. Length : 30cm.

Towline/central line

16 strand hollow braided PE rope 10mm with reflective strand, UV resistant. Wheel 2m40 Team 2m20


16 strand hollow braided PE rope 8mm with reflective strand, UV resistant. Wheel 1m20 Team 1m Leader 70cm

ZDC - Cross DC Harness

This harness has been designed with a non-absorbent material allowing very quick drying. Tested at -40°C. Full-length reflective...

Zero DC Faster Harness

This harness is suited for short haired breed and also for nordics. Also suitable for wide and deep chested dogs as Greysters, Hounds,...

Zero DC Short Harness

This harness is the short version of the classic Faster. It is suitable for sports with a high point of traction as canicross, bike-jörring,...

Zero DC tubular line for 1 and 2 dogs / for big and little dogs

Line in tubular webbing, 25mm with bungee(shock absorbers). Snap of 80mm for dogs over than 10kg and 60mm for dogs less than 10kg....